The Team

Jason Stelter



Jason Stelter has been a team leader in several industries, including the military, transportation, mortgages and lending, and eventually landed in the financial services industry. In 2014, he created Lexington Financial to offer detailed, personalized, customized assistance for retirees and pre-retirees. He is insurance licensed in the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Virginia, and West Virginia. His firm helps individuals with solutions that can provide preservation of wealth and an income that can’t be outlived.

Tirelessly working to develop trust with everyone he meets with, Jason educates retirees who need help developing a plan. He does that by personally hosting seminars across our service states, and meeting with individuals one-on-one to discuss their specific situation. He is an independent, licensed insurance professional, and is personally invested in your success!

Jason loves to read in his free time. Some of his favorite authors are J.R.R Tolkien, Clive Cussler and Bernard Cornwell. If you ever need a book series that’s long enough to scare off a Harvard grad, ask Jason for a recommendation!

Randi Stelter

Event coordinator


Randi Stelter is Jason’s wife, and a proud mother to 6 children. She is the event coordinator for Lexington Financial. Randi manages the logistics for the educational seminars and client events for our firm, such as setting up appointments and arranging venues. She also attends all of our events to assist guests and clients, and get them scheduled to meet with Jason!

Prior to Lexington Financial, Randi owned her own real estate company in Minnesota. After the family moved to Kentucky, she started helping Jason run the events when they got too big for one person to manage!

Randi spends her free time outdoors mostly. She loves hiking, playing out in the yard with the two youngest children, and taking care of her ferns! The ferns might disagree though, she just can’t manage to keep them alive!

Jeanna Wilson

Office Manager

Jeanna Wilson became Lexington Financial’s Office Manager in 2019. She manages office operations, company projects, and acts as executive assistant for Jason. In addition, she processes applications and regularly communicates with clients.

Prior to her work with Lexington Financial, she ran a sign company in Virginia and held roles as the Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager. In addition, she worked as a nurse for many years!

Regularly contributing to the American Legion, VFW and the EOD Warriors Foundation, she is an active member for military volunteer work. She also helps raise awareness for rehabilitation projects.

Most of Jeanna’s free time is spent giving back! She’s always ready to lend out a helping hand to whoever needs it. Sometimes it’s a client calling at 1:00 A.M. just for a chat… regardless, she’s there for you!

Ember Gosper

Office Assistant

Ember Gosper is the freshest addition to the Lexington financial Team. Despite the fact that this is Ember’s first office job, she has already exceeded expectations and has proven herself to be a valuable addition to the group.

Ember is Jeanna’s assistant, and her primary job is keeping up to date with auditing information online and keeping physical files up to date. It’s not a task for for the faint of heart! She also helps Aaron Stelter keep the marketing strategies Lexington Financial has in place running at their best.

Ember is a mother of two. She enjoys playing with her kids, hiking (summer only!), and reading. 

If you ever see Ember in the office, be sure to say hello!

Aaron Stelter

Licensed Agent

Aaron Stelter joined the team at Lexington Financial in 2021. Originally helping Jason and Jeanna with data tracking and marketing, in 2023 he became the second Licensed Agent working at Lexington Financial to meet our growing business needs.

With Jason as a mentor, Aaron has spent his time at Lexington Financial working to expand our specializations. He has a primary focus on tax-advantaged Life Insurance and legacy planning, while he is continuing his financial education. 

Aaron is a driven young man with a bright career ahead of him, and he’s always down for a challenge! In his free time, he studies language, and enjoys playing strategy games like Chess and cards. If you see him, challenge him to a game of Blitz!

Kennedy & Lincoln

Moral Support & Troublemakers

Kennedy and Lincoln are Jason and Randi’s two youngest children. You’ll always see them at seminars chatting with guests, drawing pictures, and helping keep everybody on their toes! Make no mistake, these two are an important part of the team. It’s not a family business unless you bring the whole family with you!

They are both homeschooled by Randi. They do all their school-work on the go so Randi and Jason can give everyone the chance to attend our financial seminars! Without these two putting in the work in a non-standard school setting, there would be less seminars! We are all very thankful for Kennedy and Lincoln!

Kennedy is our in-house horse expert, and an up-and-coming artist! You’ll find her art all over our office. Lincoln, on the other hand, is the master of getting into trouble! Be wary talking to him, he might challenge you to a stare off, and he plays dirty!

Life Isn't All Business!

Our lives aren’t just business! This is just us. It’s one thing to see us at work, but what you don’t get to see is the time we spend together! We really are a family here at Lexington Financial, and every single one of our clients is a part of our family!

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