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Market Snapshot, January 2023 - Jason Stelter

As the year of 2023 plays out, we are beginning to see the consequences of the economic downturn play out in real time.  Here at home, we have seen a large amount of employee layoffs, store closings, and even several bankruptcy filings by major corporations that are household names.

In addition to these issues, we are now seeing the beginning of bank failures which has sent shockwaves through the economic system.  There are many other global factors at play as well that could cause other economic issues here at home such as expansion of the Ukraine conflict, a potential Tiawan/China conflict, the potential for the US Dollar losing its “reserve currency” status, and the push to settle international trades in other world currencies.

As the year continues to play out, it is expected that we will see additional market losses in the days, weeks, and months ahead due to the reasons just mentioned.  Now is the time to be looking for a way to protect your assets from any future market losses. 

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