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Have you had concerns about the market? Then it’s time to reconsider your plan! The page “Knowing Your Money” will show you common retirement pitfalls. It’s never a bad idea to prepare for the worst case scenario!

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Market Snapshot, December 2023 - Jason Stelter

Over the last couple of months, the market direction has reversed, and we have seen it on the rise once again. However, most economic indicators show that we are heading into a strong recession if not a depression. We expect to see a substantial decline in the housing and auto market due to higher interest rates, and decreasing consumer purchase rates.

In addition, the banking sector is facing major financial issues. They’ve have taken on significant risk through their leveraging, and there have been multiple bank failures year to date.

One last major point of concern is the growing threat of war across multiple countries in Europe. This can have cascading effects in the United States, and effects to the individual. Now is the time to protect your principal from market declines.

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